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Ode to Disambiguation

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O.D.E. to Disambiguation
(Ordinary Differential Equation)

Logical Positivism
Positive Logicalism
Illogical Positivism
Positive Illogicalism
Logical Negativism
Negative Logicalism
Illogical Negativism
Negative Illogicalism
Logical Logicalism
Illogical Logicalism
Logical Illogicalism
Positive Positivism
Positive Negativism
Negative Positivism
Negative Negativism
Pogical Nogicalism
Logative Pogativism
Pololical Legativism
Pological Losagal
Nopolical Illopical
Purple Popsicle
Logical Lyricism


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Keeping up the good work

Post Easter haul

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50% off

There was some concern that one or more of these products might contain nuts. Intensive/extensive testing over the course of a couple of days (every sacrifice was made) led us to a confirmation, thus making the world safe for democracy. You’re welcome.


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You might not like what you see later

Don’t look into the camera to see how it works.

The Gazer

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I wonder how many mnms I dropped?


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Yeah, I think I know what that is...?

Hey! I've got just the place for this!