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Keeping up the good work

Here Kitty Kitty

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The mom kitty in the previous post moved her kittens to an unknown location before we could trap her. A neighbor spotted her nest and let us know. Di trapped the mom and we grabbed the kittens. They are all tucked away in the basement till time to spay mom and adopt out the kittens. They are about 4 weeks now.

Curious devils at the moment of capture.

They immediately go for wet food like they know what it is

Mom gets the scraps

Post Easter haul

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50% off

There was some concern that one or more of these products might contain nuts. Intensive/extensive testing over the course of a couple of days (every sacrifice was made) led us to a confirmation, thus making the world safe for democracy. You’re welcome.


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Warning: this product may contain nuts!

Further testing may be needed