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Levels of Innocence – Degrees of Shade

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Hommage to Bruno Munsterberg

It All Comes to Naught

It All Comes to Not

It All Comes to Knot

City Square

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Chinese Whispers

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Chicken Taza

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Ode to Disambiguation

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O.D.E. to Disambiguation
(Ordinary Differential Equation)

Logical Positivism
Positive Logicalism
Illogical Positivism
Positive Illogicalism
Logical Negativism
Negative Logicalism
Illogical Negativism
Negative Illogicalism
Logical Logicalism
Illogical Logicalism
Logical Illogicalism
Positive Positivism
Positive Negativism
Negative Positivism
Negative Negativism
Pogical Nogicalism
Logative Pogativism
Pololical Legativism
Pological Losagal
Nopolical Illopical
Purple Popsicle
Logical Lyricism