There are still some pieces to post from the show this fall but I’m having trouble finding enough time to convert them to a usable format for the blog. Since I had sent a link to Stanley’s show in NYC I thought I might add a little more info on my other teachers and how I came to study with them.

I went to UNCG for a couple of different teachers. I had been doing sculpture since early at UGA and started doing it again on my own at KCAI (though in the basement of the house of our apt) . Stanley saw some of it and really pushed me to try and pursue it in grad school. He mentioned Peter Agostini, who I had heard of and seen work by, was teaching at UNCG. At the time Peter was teaching two weeks in NC and two weeks at the NY Studio School, traveling back and forth.

The Studio School had a strong connection to KCAI. KCAI was jokingly call Studio School West. Many of the KCAI students spent a semester at the Studio School and some of the Studio School students came to KCAI to finish their undergrad degree. Some of the KCAI faculty had taught at the Studio School, and the studio program at KCAI was modeled on the Studio School.

Anyway Chris Cairns daughter Alexis is putting together a website/blog that has a couple of nice posts about Peter.


There are a lot of other nice things on her blog if you have time to check it out.


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  1. Thanks, Kevin, for the kind words and links. I’m much obliged.

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