Swiss Family Robinson

Perkiomen Creek

We’ve had a couple of big bouts of rain. Saw this picnic table lodged up in a tree along the bike path yesterday. It’s about a half mile down from where the closest picnic tables are. You can see it is 10-12 feet up above the current water line which is 3-4 feet higher than normal. It is about 6-8 feet above the bike path level where the width of the creek would triple. Even though the tops of the trees were likely bent over by the water pressure it took magnitudes more water to get a table that high in the trees.


2 Responses to “Rain”

  1. Mom & Dad Says:

    How far is this from where you live? Its beautiful scenery.

    • That spot is about 5 miles but we are about 1/2 mile from the bike path much of which looks like that on the river side. At the spot where the photo was taken there is some kind of treatment plant which would be seen if I turned the camera to the right. So it varies a lot from urban to rural as you ride along the 35 paved miles out from center city.

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