Scabin’ it

Lags 1/2in x 5 1/2in, 2 of 4

After a thorough clean out and thinking about what I was seeing and how it was built I decided to lag through the good joist and tie in the joist with the bad end. Looks like the damage occurred from a combination of water and squirrels. The joist with the bad end supports the back wall of the third floor, which doesn’t extend the full length of the house. This joist is cantilevered over the bathroom hall wall so it can’t really fall, just sag. It likely has enough other support that I didn’t really have to do anything but as long as I was in there I thought it should be supported. I can only get to it from one side.

Since the good joist has some damage and since it was potentially carrying some weight from the bad end joist I decided to add a 4ft scab on top of the good side of the good joist.

Making a scab, relief for lag heads

Making a scab, relief for the vent stack

Mess O'tooles

All Scab Dover

Vent stack relief


3 Responses to “Scabin’ it”

  1. Nice scab, just don’t pick at it or it will get infected, at least that’s what Mom always said.

  2. She hid all those smarts very well, I didn’t always appreciate how smart Mom and Dad are, now I know why my brothers are such smart guys, it’s and apple and tree thing

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