Dad’s chair


9 Responses to “Dad’s chair”

  1. One day I would like to own that chair. Wish we could have picked up its mate on I-95 so Bob could repair it then he & Kathy could have a matching pair.

  2. I don’t care about myself but I’m glad the C
    hair gets 3 seconds of fame.

  3. I had to make two more “additions” to the chair since those pictures.

  4. There may be a battle for that chair when the time comes.

  5. Do you have updated pictures?

  6. My mother in law is looking for some Green Plastic Garden Chairs but can not find any.

    Anyone know where these are in stock?.

    Must be near north London.

  7. Papa & Nana Says:

    The Smithonian called. They want the chair.

  8. Papa & Nana Says:

    It don’t think it would hurt the chair if I back over it but it might ruin my pickup!

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