Stray Thoughts

Thoughts welling up from the undermind today:

My favorite teacher in art school said that as artists we all need to feel like we have an audience.

Andy Warhol constantly if not continuously recorded his conversations on cassette tape.

My students text continuously and openly all though class and during the breaks if not immediately on the cell phone.

We’re so curious about celebrity to the point where in TMZ the ultimate losers make fun of celebrities and adore them at the same time.

When I go to NYC I think that everyone there acts like a celebrity. My thought is: Everyone in New York is famous, it’s just that few of them are very well known.

When I started my ride today I wondered if it was something I should record for the blog.

I think Warhol was wrong. We won’t be famous for 15 min. We’re all famous 3 sec at a time over and over again.


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