Ivan - Kittyboy



Teaching Doc how to be a cat


Cats in the sun

Watch it!

What the...?

That's it

In his own world

The King of the house

Getting flat, but still liking the sun

Gettiing warm

Last days


3 Responses to “Kittyboy”

  1. KB you were the best, always in our hearts buddy…

  2. Love this post. Emmy died this summer. Very hard but she had a great life with us and she enriched our live tremendously. It snowed here today and although she only experienced it a few times she loved the snow and so we were reminded of her again. She was also the best and always will be in our hearts.

  3. KB here it is almost a year and am still missing you and all your pranks…personality…sounds (rah-rah) when you wanted someone to get up…your company in the kitchen when I cooked…your walking the radiator under the counter and watching me so carefully, hoping I had a piece of chicken to hand you…the way you ran into the pantry and then back out again when you were playing. You were a joy!

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