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Part of the job

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Bus left M’berg Center for the Arts for:

road trip

To Lincoln Tunnel

Russian Tea Room
Passing by on W57th, a friend made the dancing bears

80th and 5th Av

We drop off at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Lehman wing

Didn’t really go in but like this photo of the Lehman wing from a previous trip.

Central Park

Walked across the park and caught the train to Chelsea to look at some galleries.

High Line

After gallery wandering for a couple of hours had lunch at a Cuban eatery then walked down the High Line and then across town to the Strand used bookstore. Haven’t been there in a while and the layout is quite different.



    Signs of spring

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    Yes, even here.

    Scabin’ it

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    Lags 1/2in x 5 1/2in, 2 of 4

    After a thorough clean out and thinking about what I was seeing and how it was built I decided to lag through the good joist and tie in the joist with the bad end. Looks like the damage occurred from a combination of water and squirrels. The joist with the bad end supports the back wall of the third floor, which doesn’t extend the full length of the house. This joist is cantilevered over the bathroom hall wall so it can’t really fall, just sag. It likely has enough other support that I didn’t really have to do anything but as long as I was in there I thought it should be supported. I can only get to it from one side.

    Since the good joist has some damage and since it was potentially carrying some weight from the bad end joist I decided to add a 4ft scab on top of the good side of the good joist.

    Making a scab, relief for lag heads

    Making a scab, relief for the vent stack

    Mess O'tooles

    All Scab Dover

    Vent stack relief


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    Warning: this product may contain nuts!

    Further testing may be needed

    Spring Break

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    Rode along the Schuylkill river bike path just below the house

    River view

    60 degrees today


    Our street dead ends at a cemetery. You can see some of it from the path

    High Water

    Old Mausoleum

    Sun on the water

    Spring Break

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    Time to make the donuts!

    Nice wallpaper

    Bathroom ceiling and joist repair.

    Looks ok here

    These small digital cameras help you see things where your eyes can’t.


    Thing is sometimes you can’t remember which way you were shooting or which way the camera was oriented.

    A Hunger Artist

    Stinkbug or roach?

    New tools

    Wyoming hanging out

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    Brush me!

    LLF-Little Lord Fauntleroy