Anyone recognize this book?


6 Responses to “Book”

  1. DOK (NSOM) Says:

    Mellanie and I recognize having seen it before, but we have no idea when. Is this a trick question?

    • More of a memory test. I talked you out of it a long time ago. I think it was your English lit book from UGA. It was all beat up like that way back then. It does have some female handwriting in “Prufrock.”

      It’s got my receipt/bookmark from Ga June-1977 then other receipt/bookmarks from Phila up to 1987 when I guess I quit reading out of it.

      It was a significant book for me for many reasons including starting me on reading poetry and in particular Baudelaire.

      Thought maybe you would want in back or someone else. It is a beautiful book.

  2. Definitely don’t need it back unless you are going to dispose of it otherwise. If someone wants it, it is yours to give. Who’d of thunk you and I would communicate more on a blog. DKT via MLTs computer

  3. Speaking of books, just read a very good thriller by Ted Dekker, “Boneman’s Daughters. Will have to find more of his reads.

  4. DOK (NSOM) Says:

    I’ll recommend the book to Mellanie

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